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Art in the Park 2010

Art in the Park 2010

In early June Art in the Park for 2010 was opened at Kingston. Nearly thirty art works were put into the ‘park’ between Slaughter Bay change sheds and Chimney Hill for a two week exhibition. The wife of the Administrator, Mrs Walsh formally opened the show with the following wonderful words:

“I am delighted to be opening this event and how magnificent to not only have it in the park but also by the sea. At last year’s opening I mentioned how wonderful it is that Art in the Park has continued to be a popular happening on the Norfolk Island calendar for so many years now, as it is a community event that invites all age groups and all levels of artistic flare to participate. No one is excluded. It is also an event that encourages families, friends and educational groups to spend time together sharing and creating. This is something very precious that many of us often complain, in our busy lives, that we do not have enough time to do.

Additionally, participating in an event like Art in the Park helps to remind us of what is really important in life, things that we shouldn’t take for granted: family, friends, community spirit, our own personal skills, intelligence and creativity and a beautiful, safe natural environment to live in. There are many in the world who do not experience these blessings. On Norfolk Island we experience all of them and particularly the latter. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that here on Norfolk Island we live in one of the most perfectly created natural environments in the world. I am sure that the many creative talents that we have in our small population is much due to the divine physical surrounds in which we all live. A huge thank you is owed to Community Arts for their ongoing support and encouragement of creative skill and talent in our people on Norfolk Island. I wish to congratulate all who made the time to explore and express their creative talent for this year’s Art in the Park, particularly the first time exhibitors and those who assisted with the children’s exhibits. I also wish to thank the Norfolk Island Community Arts Group and any other volunteers for providing us with the 2010 Art in the Park Exhibition. I now declare this exhibition open”.

The range of entries this year told us that there is plenty of creativity on this island. Congratulations to all the NICS students who completed class entries – they were really fantastic, from a marae and mandala, to ying and gang, to octopuses and pipe-cleaner surprises! The fun Banyan Park and Montesori Kinder House entries show us that the very little kids of Norfolk also know how to be creative. The Kelly kids never fail to make a great entry and this year was no exception with the all that is at the end of their rainbow. Congratulations to Mirabelle Creek for her beautiful fairy fun, playing in a cave under a Norfolk pine. The Jansenns family managed to make a colourful yet thoughtful art work out of plastic rubbish that has made its way from Headstone to Anson Bay to create “Headstone/Anson Bay Express”.

The adult entries were just as good. Georgie Douran’s Lady in Waiting looks out from under her veil beautifully placed in her gold dress against the golden rock of Chimney Hill. Rob Rowston’s Slice of Heaven was also wonderfully placed against the rocks, a fabulous sculptural arc. Jan Christian had fun with a frame and teddy bears, while Cristina McRitchie created two magical spaces under the pine trees. Also under the pine trees was “Life after Chains” made by Jill and Kevin Coulter out of old chainsaw parts, he was life size and really rather handsome! Kaye Woods had a turtle and plant picture, both beautifully designed and made with help from Mal Tarrant and Duncan Grey. Lisa Richards had fun with some sticks and Helen Batholmew made the most enticing nest for rent that any bird could hope for. Hilary Doughty was back again this year, much to everyone’s pleasure, with her dough men – boom or bust!

But the “People’s Choice” winner was Archie and James Bigg with “Improbabull” – a raging bull made from logs of woods, complete with a ring in his nose and contained in an electric fence. This is one wonderful bull, beautifully made and very much deserving of the People’s Choice award. Well done Archie and James – and also for adding the baby calf as the week went along.

We were chased all over the island getting this years Art in the Park together. However it did not fazed our artists or ruin the show. All these fabulous pieces were there for all to see – a walk doun a toun was well worth it. Art in the Park closed on Monday 14 June at the end of the Queen’s Birthday long weekend.

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